Finideas Arjuna Strategy

System based intraday trading creates a wealth. We design an Intraday Long Options Strategy. The Focus of FinIdeas Arjuna Strategy is to Trade for Intraday Market. It trades using Algorithmic Program Trading Software. It is a very disciplined Strategy, as it keeps very small stop loss mechanism.

Qualities of good System based Product :

Though there is no fixed rule for a good System trading product.But it is advisable to have following features :

  1. Clear rules of selection of stocks, when to enter, exit, hold etc.
  2. Past data Testing
  3. Testing on the basis of Environment, Volume & Events
  4. Adequate Execution Platform
  5. Tracking Error Management
  6. Proper Reporting System
  7. Plan for Emergency Exit
  8. Cash Flow Management
  9. Transaction & Holding  Cost Consideration


Arjuna Strategy has evolved as below:

  • Deep Data Testing on Past Data.
  • Found model having a favorable risk-return profile.
  • Developed Algorithmic Software for better execution.
  • Implemented the System
  • Continuous Research on betterment of Product

We will help you to create your wealth